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"Put Your Tree In Good Hands."

Serving Fort Worth & Tarrant County
Since 1979

Tree Removal – Stump Grinding – Pruning – & More

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JC Tree Service has been Family owned and operated since 1979 founded in Fort Worth Texas. JC Tree Service prides itself in the professional way that it handles each job, and no tree is too big.

Insurance covered up to 1 million dollars your home and property is protected and we guarantee our work. Free Estimates are just a phone call away.

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Services We Provide

Pruning: Maintain your trees health, overall aesthetics, provide needed clearance, reduce potential limb failure and trim for better shape. Our goal is to provide the correct pruning cuts to sustain healthy tree growth and development. All pruning cuts are made to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 pruning standards.

Weight Reduction: Reduce weight on limbs to prevent tree or branch failure.
Structural Thinning: Removal of crossing branches, and thinning areas to allow for sunlight.
Crown Cleaning: Removal of broken, dead or diseased branches from crown.
Hazardous Dead Wood Removal: Removal hazardous limbs.
Pruning Roofline: Prune limbs away from roof for clearance from cable or phone lines to house.

Tree Removals: We will investigate the structure and condition of your tree before a necessary removal. To secure safety onsite our crew will consider all surrounding obstacles and ground area for any tree removed.

Removal of a tree due to hazardous conditions
Zero impact removals
Crain Assisted Removal
Stump Grinding: We can remove your stump as well to make it essentially disappear.

Project Based Rates Available

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